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Upsound Experience – Vol. 1: Unboxing

Upsound Experience – Vol. 3: Leadpipes

Upsound Experience – Vol. 5: Rubber Grip Production
Upsound Experience – Vol. 2: Cleaning

Upsound Experience – Vol. 4: Use tips

UPSOUND assembly

Put the lead pipe provided in the UPSOUND upper orifice, checking that it´s the right one for the mouthpiece. Place the mouthpiece in the lead pipe and hold the soundboard using the whole hand without closing the outlet orifice.


Cleaning the UPSOUND is very easy but also important, If the filter is dirty you might experience some air retention when you use it. Remove the UPSOUND lead pipe and clean it with a soft cloth. Remove the cover and eliminate any traces of moisture produced by condensation. Unscrew the filter, wash it with tap water and dry it immediately. Occasionally, the cover and the soundboard can be washed with soap and water, but without using abrasive elements.