What is UpMute

The UPMUTE practice mute gives a feeling of freedom and total control of the whole register and the intonation, from the lowest pedal tones until the highest register.
Following the UPSOUND philosophy, UPMUTE is not just a practice mute; it improves the development of your sound quality and richness. Thanks to its perfect amount of resistance, it offers a great focus and centre in the sound, stabilizing day to day a great deal of frequencies and creating homogeneity in the associated harmonics.

It gathers the five essential requirements:

  • Intonation
  • Mimimum resistance to the air flow
  • Sound quality
  • Very soft, it does not disturb
  • Lightweight and easily to carry around in most bags

Just perfect!
Available for trumpet, Spanish cornet, French horn, tenor trombone and bass trombone

IMPORTANT: To put in or take out your mute, just pressure it against the bell or pull it out WITHOUT turning it, since it could cause premature wear of the rubber join.

The joining element used by UpMute is a high-density foam very different from the cork or rubber used by other mutes. This foam is specifically designed to adhere to the bell with a slight pressure guaranteeing a strong and very tight seal, avoiding any possible air leak.

It is not necessary to introduce it in the bell by pressing and turning it at the same time, since the foam can be damaged. Simply press the mute slightly into the bell and it will fit perfectly.