Basic Clapper for Trumpet


The Basic Clapper for Trumpet UPSOUND has the feature of increasing the harmonic register associated to the fundamental one by the concomitance of the internal bell with which the cover is equipped.

It improves the sound emission and the note change thanks to the superior size of the clappers, which reinforce and maximize the lateral dimension, working as external resonators. A 6th harmonic is achieved thanks to the way the inner bells are built and tuned.

This device greatly helps the dynamics of the instrument itself by giving a greater volume to the harmonic tail, from note to note, achieving an implosion of the sound. With the Clapper we achieve something vital for the instrumentalist: dynamic COMFORT that facilitates the performance a lot.

The key of the Clapper has to be a 6th above the key of the instrument.

  • For Bb trumpet – G Clapper
  • For C trumpet – A Clapper

Three screw models compatible with Bach, Stomvi and Yamaha trumpets available

For maximum performance it is recommended to install two Clapper.

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